Nursing profession

Recently, I got a chance to attend an event to pay tribute to nurses and midwives for their services which was organized by Ziauddin College of Nursing. It was very informative as I got a lot of information about this trusted profession. Nurses are the ones who get specialization at “nursing”, they look after their patients day and night. They work for our better health, fight with our disease and help us to cope up with illness. They serve for humanity with full dedication and kindness. It is a profession that requires respect in our country, as this is the respectful profession in which only smile from a nurse can bring patient back to life. Nurses are the ray of hope for patients. Unfortunately, in our country there is no respect for this profession, where as in the whole world nursing is known as “Noble profession.” We should work hard for breaking the stereotype against nurses and to change the mindset of a common man, so that more people can come in this profession.

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