NTS papers for MBBS, BDS test at LUMHS, PUMHS ‘leaked’ before conduction


Kumar, a clerk leaked papers, Prof Dino, Dr Suresh Kumar disclose to media

NM Azaad


National Testing Service (NTS) papers for recently MBBS and BDS Liaqat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) and Peoples University of Medical and Health Sciences (PUMHS) entry test examinations have been allegedly ‘leaked’ before examinations conduction by ‘a businessman family-cum-party’ to make successful ‘their’ candidates and earning.
The papers set and compiled by NTS and conducted collaboratively by with both universities-LUMHS and PUMHS in Jamshoro/Hyderabad and Nawabshah at 6th and 13th of last month respectively.
Professor Allah Dino and Dr Suresh Kumar from District Tharparkar came to media to disclose the activity. They told media that activity has been in practice for a few years and showed results of nine female students who failed in LUMHS and secured 95 and 96 in entry test of PUMHS that was held just after a few days and was toughest paper like six days previously held an entry paper of LUMHS as set by the same party (NTS).
Professor Allah Dino and Dr Suresh Kumar pointed out nine candidates from district Tharparkar, Tando Allahyar and Dadu who were failed in LUMHS but reached to 96 pc in the test of PUMHS that was held just six days after the previous test. They said that there may be some ‘black sheep are in the NTS also, they claimed.
They, further, said in the ‘leaking’ of the papers of both the medical universities, a non-Muslim business community is involved who got the key with the help of Garesh Kumar (who is a clerk in provincial government) with the help ‘black sheep’ of NTS, they stressed. They demanded that the said person (Garesh Kumar) and following candidates are subjected to investigation.
Jeena daughter of Garesh Kumar (same person who caused leaking of paper allegedly) Roll No 26326 (in LUMHS) got only 63 but in PUMHS with Roll No 64770 got 95 Nos. Sonam Kumari daughter of Garesh Kumar (sister of Jeena) got 67 only in LUMHS with Roll No 26325 but in PUMHS got, like her sister 95 Nos with Roll No 64771. Neelam daughter of Lagha Ram from District Tharparkar got 69 in LUMHS and secured 93.73pc in PUMHS with Roll No 64363. Rajesh Kumar S/O Chandi Ram with his sister Kinchin appeared in LUMHS (24470 and 24469). Both secured 90.
Interestingly, Priyanka and Manisha daughter of Ramesh Kumar appeared in LUMHS (Roll Nos 25209 and 25208) badly both failed in LUMHS. Of them, Manisha got 31 only in LUMHS entry test and 92.57 in the PUMHS. More interestingly, Areesha daughter of Rahamtullah got only 11pc from LUMHS with Roll No 400551 while in PUMHS got 95pc with Roll No 64191. And her sister, Aisha (400268) got 23.5pc from LUMHS but got 93pc in PUMHS.
Sahiba Bhugio daughter of Tanveer Bhugio failed in LUMHS, which secured only 40pc while in PUMHS 94.25 (403100 and 62218 respectively).
The professor demanded that if investigation started Pandora-box would be opened and the ‘Mafia’ would be exposed. For that, they said, they would seek for the Honorable Court.

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