NSG members urged to adopt non-discriminatory approach to non-NPT states



The 48 participating governments of the Suppliers Group (NSG) should adopt a non-discriminatory approach on the question of NSG membership for non-NPT states rather than the creation of another country-specific exemption, says Dr. Maria Sultan DG SASSI. An in-house session on ‘Media Outreach and Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)’ was organized by the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) on Tuesday.
Dr. Maria Sultan, Chairperson and Director General of SASSI emphasized that the Indian Ocean is a hotspot for international trade. She described the whole case of Pakistan’s application for membership of NSG. She said that India does not fulfil the conditions which are mandatory for NSG’s membership which includes the separation of Military and Civilian fuel cycle (as of yet a pre-condition for the NSG waiver India received) Placement of all civilian nuclear facilities under IAEA safeguards, Indian fast breeder reactor program, Independent regulatory authority, Export control regulations, Illicit procumbent, Illicit trafficking and procumbent Diversion of civil nuclear assistance for weapon use.
Dr. Maria also discussed India’s dismal nuclear safety record, highlighting the many nuclear incidents and few accidents over the years i.e. Mayapuri Radiation Accident in West Delhi in 2010 was of Level 4 on International Nuclear and Radiation Event Scale (INES), eight people were hospitalised as a result of radiation exposure, and later one died.—NNI

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