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Naveed Aman Khan

LEAKS after leaks. The other day we came across “Memo leaks”, “Dawn leaks”, Panama leaks”, “ Durrani leaks” and now “Reham leaks” just before general elections 2018. Reham leaks proved to be the biggest leaks of our time. Glamorous and charming Reham’s yet unpublished book has become topic of interest and discussion of every Pakistani because of Reham’s dreamy figure. Imran’s dupliciousness opens gate to his secular machiavellianism, she reveals in her book. She terms that capricious Imran’s yet continuing sex scandals reflects his parsimonious, inhuman and indecent character. Reham’s story of Imran is a ridiculous and tragic one of psychological and physical molestation perpetrated against his vulnerable pray like Ema Sargent and now Imran-Murad Saeed and Imran-Hamza Abbasi homo sex scandals.
She discloses that Imran Khan uses sex stimulant drugs to support his impotency. These remarks in fact collapses Imran’s declining lofty impression. She categorically reveals that she felt Imran’s lustful tendency towards her daughter. She on an occasion says that Imran Gulalai and Imran Bushra close relationships were continuing during her marital ten months period. Commenting about Imran’s third marriage she says that marrying twice is folly and thrice is pure madness. She claims that Imran and his close associates were afraid of her confidence and utmost potential. She could be very helpful for Imran in PTI politics because of her confidence and charisma. She was more popular in the party than any other personality of PTI. She wanted to extend her input in PTI politics to support Imran Khan as potential and visionary wife but Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Jahagir Tareen and Naeemul Haq were uncomfortable. She says that she finds Imran a man without political sense and vision. He plays in the hands of Jahangir Tareen. According to her formerly he was being driven by founder of PTI Akbar S Babar. She grades Akbar S Babar a genius, visionary and extremely honest politician.
According to Reham, Imran Khan suddenly turned his behaviour with her after marriage and started demanding submissiveness from her like topical illiterate house wife. He wanted me to remain restricted to household matters and eventually the kitchen which she clearly refused. From Imran Khan she demanded loyalty. Imran was sexually involved with different women even after marriage she discloses. This she could not bear at all. Once she was holding Imran’s Black Berry mobile in her hands when Imran got seriously offended with her. He like uncivilized illiterate common man started shouting on her. She says that he goes out of senses especially when over drunk. She writes that she was not over ambitious in the Party. In fact her talent frightened every one in the party. Reham utters that her fame, likeliness and popularity could strengthen Imran and benefit PTI but Imran started feeling himself unsafe otherwise. She says that he is a psycho case. It was totally a personality clash. When discussed Imran Khan with psychiatric Dr. Mona she told me that Imran Khan is a chronic psychiatric patient.
On the other hand General Durrani’s book “The Spy Chronicles” has more serious significance about the future of Pakistan but Pakistani politicians, defence analysts, media and common Pakistanis have taken far less interest in it as compared to that of Reham’s book. General Durrani’s book having devastating and torrential impact on the future of Pakistan is not discussed by any political party. Not even by PTI which has turned mad by Reham’s book. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has kept quiet about the contents of General Durrani’s book. Imran Khan and his party leaders have shown no concern about controversial contents of General Durrani’s book. Why PTI leadership kept quiet about General Durrani’s book and why it has raised hue and cry on Reham’s yet unpublished one? The answer is very simple. The book which jolted foundations of Pakistan is not important for political parties, media defence analysts and common man while unpublished book is being discussed by every individual as issue number one of Pakistan. It reflects priorities of concern of our politicians, institutions, media and common man. The entire media is discussing Reham and the contents of her book. It is true that in a man-dominated society of Pakistan Reham has shown courage of discussing and disclosing matters of concern. She is related to media and showbiz and she knows the importance of ‘ timing ‘ of the matters.
Reham’s book has tremored Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and other top PTI leadership. Once again “Black Berry” is in focus after memogate scandal of last Pakistan People’s Party Zardari-led government. The then Pakistani Ambassador to America Mr. Hussain Haqqani’s “Black Berry” remained in top stories of the news. Now the entire PTI top leadership is hypnotised by Reham’s just one shot. It’s Reham’s turn now. Reham was embarrassed and kicked disgracefully by Imran Khan within just ten months of tumultuous married life. In her book she has taken revenge from Imran Khan and his close associates. On the other hand from whom General Durrani has taken revenge by authoring highly sensitive and controversial book with former RAW Chief A. S Daulat. Neither related institution nor political parties ,media or common man have asked this question to General Asad Durrani. The two books have jolted Pakistan in less than two weeks. Lt General (R) Asad Durrani co-authored “The Spy Chronicles” with former RAW Chief A.S Dailat and discussed many highly sensitive matters related to sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan. General Durrani’s book being the most controversial is outclassed by Reham’s yet unpublished one.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.

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