Nov 02 and threat to democracy

SPEAKING to journalists in Islamabad on Sunday, PTI leader Imran Khan has once again claimed that only Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and no one else would be held responsible if democracy was derailed and a third power stepped in as a result of his scheduled lockdown of the Federal Capital on November 2. However, PTI Chairman must realise that history would not borrow his version of the situation if something went wrong and the country is plunged into a deeper crisis.
The incumbent Prime Minister and his party are duly elected and mandated by people of Pakistan to rule the country for five years. There is no doubt that Imran Khan has been harping on string of rigging in the general elections but it was rejected by the Judicial Commission formed for the purpose. The Constitution of Pakistan, which is a consensus document, envisages procedures and circumstances in which an elected Prime Minister or his Government could be removed and PTI leader is free to resort to these constitutional means. However, his plans to lay siege to Islamabad is impractical and would bring more miseries to the people. The forcible closure, which is surely aimed at paralysing the Government, could lead to violence and more acrimony. It is because of this possible scenario that some major political parties have refused to join his protest campaign. As against this, one must appreciate the clear-cut stand adopted by PPP as well as JUI of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who not only have vehemently opposed the politics of Imran Khan but also vowed to save democracy.

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