Not so easy to get India cap at 18: Sundar’s father

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Getting India cap at the young age is not so easy, believes Washington Sundar’s father M. Sundar.
On Wednesday, Washington Sundar became India’s 7th youngest cricketer (age: 18 years 69 days) to make international debut (against Sri Lanka at Mohali).
Speaking exclusively from Chennai, his father says, “making a debut at just 18 is definitely not an easy job with the kind of team set up India has right now. Starting to play international cricket at such young age would make way for a long international career with his untiring hard work and God’s grace”.
“I think it is wonderful for him to get into an Indian set up where there’s a perfect mix of some hugely experienced players in the game and some young bloods at the moment. And moreover Team India is probably at their best in all formats of the game right now and Washington is very fortunate to join the team when the team is right on top. It will be a huge learning curve for him and that would do wonders in fine tuning his skills and shaping up his career moving forward”.
Elaborating more about his son, he says, “not only is he brilliant on the field but he is an equally good student as well. Our parents never worried about our academics in spite of playing cricket. He is at his best in everything he tried his hands on. He is naturally gifted”.
“When he was a very young kid, even in the beginning of his cricketing days, we used play practice matches very often. On match days he would be so excited that he would wake up in the middle of the night say at 3 am, 4 am and used to wake my dad up asking him that we go for the match. And then we pacify him and get him back to sleep. He has been that much excited and extremely passionate about cricket right from the beginning and it’s has only gotten better as he grew up. It has always been fascinating to watch him play”, the dad added. Family kept Washington name after one of the army men name, who was residing close to them. “it’s a great honour and privilege to be named after a man who has served for our country for so many years in the military and who also happened to be of great strength and support to our father. And now Washington Sundar is blessed and fortunate enough to be able to serve for our country for many many years to come. He must be a very proud boy to have this great man’s name. I’m sure Washi must also be feeling the same”, the father concluded.

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