Non-experienced graduates

The dilemma of experience required is getting worse in Pakistan when the young and fresh students complete their graduation with no practical skills. They wait in return to be paid by their hard work and money invested on degrees. But the directions are worsening more as universities are producing thousands of graduates every semester. When a country’s population comprises 60 percent youth it means a progressive, new and fresh blood to be injected for contributing services for country.
There is huge number of graduate unemployed with alarming and long-lasting effects. Fresh graduates are not eligible for most of the jobs, as every sector needed experienced labour to be put at work. Wherefrom they can get experience to be eligible for applying and get job? Consequently, they get frustrated when they face people saying “when you will get a job”. Comparing urban areas with rural, people of rural areas are more emotionally attached and have personal relations with one another while in cities people are less emotional and have impersonal relations. In rural settings everyday people ask about your educational progress and job.
In urban settings people are much busier in their own statuses where one cannot face such pressures from home side and other societal members. Conclusively, fresh graduates become vulnerable to illegal means of goals, they become addicted to drugs of different types which affect their mental level and approach towards civic responsibilities. How one can expect patriotism and responsible citizenship of such frustrated mentalities. It is dire need of time to save our talented youth by providing more and more jobs. People in authority must take immediate action in this regard.

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