Nomad to organize exhibition ‘Countdown’

Nomad Art and Cultural Center would organize an exhibition titled “Countdown: the Most Wanted Narrative” on July 7 at the Farm, a gallery. Founder Director Nomad Gallery Nageen Hyat told APP that the participating artists include Arsalan Naqvi, Hussain Chandio, Samina Ali Akhtar, Tayyaba Aziz, Ahmed Habib, Fizza Siddique, Maham Khan and Zia Zaidi. She said that after some reflection on the choice of concept / visualization, Nomad Gallery to curate and share a spiritually, politically and materially strong exhibition: Countdown / The Most Wanted Narrative: expresses the obvious desire to make the most of life.
She said that this is for the viewer to decipher of a impressive collection created by a young generation of artists to a mature repertoire this is a powerful narrative encompassing culture, form, creativity, ambiguously allusive and elusive views that keep the viewer intrigued and spell bound. Nageen Hyat said that the quickly sketched, partly erased drawings of children suggest dreams almost recollected and not nearly understood, showing that resolution is not what art and dreams are really about.
“The colours of the moving images where women dance joyfully in blurs of burnt umbers, greens distinguished by rich golds and intense blues reflect the desert area of Sindh” she said. Abstracts and impressionistic visuals merge and elevate the signature styles of the loosely rendered pieces to compliment and merge playfully, insinuating freedom versus restraint and fluidity versus stasis.—APP

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