No tension with bureaucracy: KP govt

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A spokesman for the Chief Minister Secretariat has strongly contradicted certain news items appearing in some English and Urdu newspapers giving the impression that the Chief Minister Pervez Khattak and the bureaucracy has developed tension on certain fiscal issues of the province. ‘The news are speculative based on hearsay linking it to a meeting at the highest forum of the province presided over by the Chief Minister.
The impression given in the news story was uncalled for and contrary to the ground realities’, the spokesman said. Clarifying the factual position, the spokesman went on saying that whenever the Chief Minister holds a meeting, he invites expert opinions on all issues. Understandably opinions on issues are expressed in a pure democratic manner because the Chief Minister believed in collective wisdom for decision making in all matters of public interest.
It does not mean however that a diversion of opinion will trigger a tension or on the basis of debate the government or for that matter the Chief Minister will ever make his mind for the extreme posturing of making transfers of the participants of a meeting. He said, the impression created in the news stories was speculative in nature and a classic example of the pigment of imagination of the reporters or the sources the reporters reported, he added.
He said that the professional approach demands the evolution of different dimensions of an event. For example different people have different world’s reality. One has his own reality of the world, others would have their own reality of the world but the factual world reality may not match their reality of the world, this should be understood and reported in any professionally sketched out news story.
In these stories, speculations, hearsay and one sided narrative were taken and reported that is not only unethical but negate all the guiding principles of journalistic professionalism. The spokesman hoped that the professional reporters associated with the noble profession of journalism would take care of what this profession demands, how they would reach to the factual position and decision making and how these could be reflected in their stories.

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