No shortage of seasonal influenza medicine in FGPC

There was no shortage of WHO recommended medicine for treatment of seasonal influenza for indoor patients here at the Federal Government Poly Clinic’s (FGPC) pharmacy.
Dr Sharif Astori of FGPC said that a sufficient quantity of medicine was available in the hospital and dispelled this impression that there was any shortage of such medicine.
He said that the special arrangements had been made by the hospital management to ensure provision of best medical care to the influenza patients. He advised citizens to take special preventive measures to protect themselves from such disease.
He said that pregnant women, elders, very young, overweight, immune compromised and people with chronic health problems like asthma, diabetes, cardiac and lungs diseases are at high-risk for developing complications due to this infection.
He added if someone is sick or have been in close-contact with persons having flu-like illness, should take preventing measures to limiting the transmission.
Dr Astori said that vaccination is the most effective way to prevent infection and severe outcomes caused by influenza viruses particularly in high-risk groups.
He urged frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitizer, avoid touching nose, mouth or eyes as the virus survives on common surfaces, etc. He advised patients to take rest, avoid crowds and take other social distancing measures.
He recommended young children to get leaves from school if they are sick and avoid mixing and playing with other children.—APP

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