No sanctions for me..!

Now that economic sanctions have been lifted against Iran, there are many who are happy about it the world over. I had no idea this sense of elation was even around my neighborhood, till my driver met me this morning, a huge smile across his face, “A very good morning sir!” “You seem a tad chirpy today?” I asked irritably. “Economic sanctions lifted in Iran sir!” “Whoa! Whoa! And how does that make you this happy?” I asked a little curious now. “Petrol cheaper sir!” “Maybe,” I said, “So?” “When price of petrol go down, my salary go up, no sir?”
“No!” I said crossly, “that’s not the way it happens!” “You will not sanction a raise sir?” he asked, “Then Mr Kapoor will lift sanction!” “Who is Mr Kapoor, and why would he do that?” I asked a little nervously. “Mr Kapoor is your neighbor sir, and he say he will pay me more than you pay for my services!” “Okay,” I said quickly, “I think I am happy about Iran for your sake!” The sweeper, the mali and the pumpman who came everyday to push my old car in the cold weather were also smiling, “I guess you are all smiling about the sanctions being lifted?” I muttered as soon as the car started.
“Sir, we are hoping you buy a new car this year!” said the mali. “These hands are for growing plants, not starting engine!” “I cannot push car and also handle pumps!” said the pump man. “I will try to buy a new car this year,” I said worriedly. “No, this is the last day sir, tomorrow you push your car yourself!” said the sweeper. “I will have to take the bus from tomorrow!” I whispered to my driver as the car spluttered to life, the engine warming up with the push. “I will handle that sir!” “You?” I asked looking at my driver. It is all about negotiation sir! We have learnt a lot from the Iran thing!” “What?” I asked.
“How that Iran minister negotiated with Americans and won!”said the driver, “But I will charge you fees for negotiations sir. That sweeper fellow, he very hard to make understand!” I nodded, sat in my car quietly during whole journey mulling over Iran and its effect on my world, and walked up to the office, a meeting already in progress. “All that you asked for yesterday has been sanctioned,” said a junior gleefully to me. “No!” I screamed, “I don’t want any sanctions. Life was easier before I heard the word..!”

Robert Clements

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