No room for technocrat govt in constitution; State institutions should work under constitutional limits: Senate Chairman


KARACHI : Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani Saturday said that there is no provision for the setting of technocrat government and urged that every institution of the state should work under the constitutional limits.

While speaking to media persons after addressing a seminar, ‘challenges for provincial autonomy laws after 18th amendment’ at National Institute of Management, the Senate Chairman urged the state institutions to not unconstitutionally interfere in each other’s mandated domains.

He said he gets very upset on hearing things related to unconstitutional actions, and admitted that everything is not right in the country at the moment. He maintained that it is strongly required by Pakistan in the current internal as well external situation that all institutions under the constitution must work within their jurisdictions.

“Constitution should be supreme over all the institutions,” he added.

Rabbani said that implementation of the 18th amendment will become impossible due to unconstitutional moves.

He said four of the 14 points of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah are on the provincial autonomy, adding that it is important for the country that general elections are held on time.

Rabbani lamented that Gen (rtd) Musharraf ran away from the country, the state could not bring him to justice, and it is unfortunate to see him commenting on the national politics from abroad. He regretted that the State could not take the cases against Musharraf to logical conclusion.  He was hopeful that the provinces would get greater resources in the next NFC Award.

He said that 18th amendment stopped way for Martial Law in the country.

Responding over a question on the accountability hearings of Sharif family, Rabbani said that he can’t comment on the matter because of his position as Senate Chairman.

However he said no country can move forward without accountability, adding that the constitution provided a mechanism of carrying out accountability.

“Across-the-board accountability was important to make it successful,” he further said.

The Senate chairman stressed the need for holding the next polls in time and said it is the only way through which an elected government will hand over the reins of power to the next government. He emphasized that all political parties should resolve their differences through dialogue.

There should be supremacy of law in the country and the institutions should be allowed to strengthen, he further said.

He added that constitution should be followed in letter and spirit as its supreme over all the institutions.

Highlighting the efforts of armed forces in purging the country of terrorists, he said they have achieved remarkable success in the fight against anti-state elements.

They cannot be eliminated in a short span of time, it will take some time to root them out completely, he added.

Originally published by INP

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