No room for martial law, coup: PM


Tax incentives package prior to next fiscal budget; Calls for new joint Senate Chairman; Inaugurates CCV line and aluminium alloy manufacturing plant, Rai Mansab Ali Bridge

Lahore/Nankana Sahib

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Saturday expressed his confidence that the democratic system in the country would keep on flourishing as there was no room for any judicial martial law or any other coup.
He was addressing the inauguration ceremony of first CCV line and aluminium alloy manufacturing plant in the Sunder Industrial Estate.
He said in the upcoming general election in July, only the electorate would decide about the fate of next government and their decision would be accepted. In the meanwhile, development and prosperity journey of the country would continue, he added.
The prime minister said the PML-N government faced energy and power challenges and the backlog of the previous governments, but it had solved the energy issues, with addition of 10,400MW of power into the national grid.
He said the government had been performing well during its tenure which was matchless and resolved the energy issues for the next fifteen years.
The prime minister also regretted that after 1999 coup, a case was registered against PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif for establishment of Sunder Industrial Estate. He said it was an irony that those who served the country were punished instead of giving the respect and honour.
He wondered about those people who were rejected in the last general election by public, were preaching morality and integrity.
He said the government had provided gas, power and infrastructure facilities so that the cost of production could be reduced. He stressed upon maintaining the quality and standards in the production by bringing the local products at par with the international competitors to attract investment in the country.
He announced that tax incentives package would be announced prior to next fiscal budget. He emphasized that the private sector and government required working hand in hand to achieve export targets.
Abbasi hoped that country’s industry would focus on improving quality as latest technology and efficiency not only help in growing business activities but also help earn good profit. He said government was striving to achieve a balance in import and export through short and long term policies.
He said the availability of energy had been settled and the growth rate was hovering around 6% which would further surge. The prime minister assured that the government wanted to further strengthen the investors’ policies by seeking input from the opposition. The prime minister appreciated the contribution of the private sector in meeting the energy demands of the nation and introducing new technologies for local manufacturing products to reduce reliance on imports.
Later, addressing the inauguration ceremony of Rai Mansab Ali Khan Kharal Bridge in Nankana Sahib, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said the PML-N always stood as guard for the democratic system like rock-solid political force, facing all conspiracies and Dharna-driven politics during the last five years and successfully delivered on all its promises.
The prime minister said the government worked despite all odds and challenges. The specific legal cases, including Panama Papers, eventually brought instability in the country otherwise it would have been on the path of rapid progress. He called upon the voters to understand the significance of all these happenings. The prime minister said it was strange that those persons who had delivered for the country, were punished and were engaged in litigation.
He said several opportunities did emerge in the past but the party religiously stood steadfast to democratic norms and did not make compromises like NRO. “We stood for democratic norms. No one should doubt the masses’ decision, only through it, the country can progress. Masses will decide again in July this year,” he added. The PML-N government in the past was ousted and now its president was removed through legal cases.
The prime minister said it was his conviction that the history would not accept such cases and referred to the one decision in Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s case which had never been accepted.
Despite all this, Nawaz Sharif abandoned the government in July last year but the people had not accepted it, he added.
The PML-N politics revolved around resolution of public issues, instead of stuffing pockets with money, he said, adding the opponents levelled different allegations against the PML-N government but the completion of development projects repudiated their false claims.
He called upon those who levelled allegations to prove their sincerity with the masses by citing execution of any major development project.
Expressing his concerns over the election of Senate chairman, the prime minister said votes were purchased. “Whether the country could earn respect through such tactics!” he questioned. He said such election did not enjoy any respect.
He said there was need to elect a consensus candidate as the Senate reflected the Federation. The prime minister said in July this year, the masses would give a clear decision while keeping these issues in view. “Decision is very clear throughout the country.”
He also lauded performance of Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif. The prime minister said other link roads in the area besides Phool Nagar and Nankana motorway link would be constructed. Earlier, the prime minister inaugurated the newly constructed 612 meter long Rai Mansab Ali Khan Kharal Bridge on River Ravi. —APP

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