No respite for heat, load shedding to hit masses in days to come

THE Provincial metropolis Peshawar that has been in the grip of sizzling heat for the last ten days is further hit by the scheduled as well as unscheduled load shedding that has made the lives of dwellers of this capital city miserable.
Intriguingly, with the advent of Ramadan the hide and seek of the electricity has increased many folds only adding to the sufferings of the faithful’s. This is in total contradiction to the tall claims of the outgoing government that had given the lollypop of decreased hours of power outage to the masses in the month of Ramadan.
While there used to be two to four hours of load shedding before Ramadan, the duration during the holy month have soared to four to eight hours in different areas of Peshawar thus making open mockery to the Nawaz Sharif led government tall claims of bringing total end to the load shedding during their tenure.
While on the other hand the younger Sharif had even made huge claims of ridding the country from power outage within Six months, though later he gave eighteen month time to completely resolving the load shedding issue when he was advised by the people around him to adopt realistic approach as the task could not be achieved without making more dams in the country.
Contrary to the assurances of the WAPDA bosses and top government functionaries specially the Minister for power that minimum load shedding will be carried out in Ramadan and there will be no power outage during Sehr and Iftar, many areas in Peshawar off and on experience blackouts in Sehri and Fajr prayer timings. So much so that even during Friday prayers many localities suffer load shedding.
Adding salt to the wounds, low voltage issue is reported from major parts of the city. In many areas the Central grid allegedly releases low voltage up to 180 and sometimes even 150 that not only results in the malfunctioning of the refrigerators and air conditioners but also damage the valuable electric appliances.
In fact, the scorching heat has brought the life to standstill in Peshawar and other parts of the province where the people especially those observing fasts are finding no respite even at homes and offices as the intermittent power outages both scheduled and unscheduled have become the routine affairs.
And above all, the masses are destined to face this situation in the months to come as the power issue, that remained unresolved during the long five years tenure of the previous government, cannot be overcome in the caretaker setup that has taken the reigns of the country hardly for few months and that too with the limited authority. Let’s hope the future government comes up with solid plans to resolve this issue to great extent if not permanently.

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