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No posts for NAB-tainted people

CHAIRMAN National Accountability Bureau retired Justice Javed Iqbal addressed a news conference in the federal capital on Sunday in which he made his intentions very clear of going ahead against the corrupt elements across the board and at the same time, he also rejected the criticism against the anti-graft body especially unleashed by the opposition parties.
The Chairman NAB also asked the government not to appoint those officers on top posts who are under the radar of Bureau. Indeed present government has persistently been speaking highly against the corrupt elements and if any such person is holding any public office, he should be removed from it until his name gets cleared. Javed Iqbal also tried to allay the concerns of the businessmen saying they will not be summoned to any NAB office in future whilst for bureaucrats he said those involved in white collar crimes would receive a questionnaire prior to their summoning. Definitely this will give some confidence to both the entrepreneurs and the bureaucrats to do their job without any fear. There is no doubt that the NAB is under tremendous pressure following its all-out campaign against the corrupt elements be they are in the political sphere or in the bureaucracy and it has also been accused by certain opposition leaders of being responsible for economic crisis in the country. PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari is on record saying that NAB and the economy cannot work together. One does not agree with the assertion of the former president as the nations which shun the process of accountability cannot march on the path of progress and development. Corruption is a curse that destroys communities as a whole and bringing corrupt elements to justice is imperative to bring order in the system. We are confident that the incumbent NAB chief will not be deterred and he will go ahead with his mission without any fear and favour. It is for the political parties to stop pointing fingers on the national institution and rather take steps through legislation to fully empower it and do away with plea bargain that is stigma on the face of the anti-graft body.