No one is above law

ELECTION Commission of Pakistan has issued a show cause notice to PTI Chairman Imran Khan for violating the electoral code of conduct by holding a public meeting at Taxila. Khan was forewarned by the Returning Officer but he did not pay heed to his call and addressed the public meeting on Friday.
This has further strengthened the unfortunate impression that laws are only meant for the ordinary souls as influential people disregard them and go scot free. Though the ECP has taken notice of the violation but given the fact that Khan has nuisance value, it is highly unlikely that any worthwhile action would be taken against him. However, whether or not ECP spares him, Imran has done more harm to him and his party by violating the law of the land. Again he may or may not reap benefits of the violation in Taxila by-elections but his reputation stands further dented. Already, he is known as gate-crasher and this he proved on a number of occasions in the past. It is also worth mentioning that he does not deem it proper to attend the National Assembly session, which he contested and won and is also vying for the post of Prime Minister, the path of which also goes through the House. But this is not confined just to Imran Khan, it is general tendency in the country to breach the law and then escape the consequences because of influence and connections. However, politicians need to be extra-careful as they are supposed to be role model and their actions are watched by all. If they do not follow the law then how can they expect others to do so? Such behaviour also amounts to making mockery of the law and institutions and it is because of undermining of the institutions that we see different kinds of societal problems and challenges.

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