No need to reassess ground realities on Kashmir dispute: Raza


UN role on HRs violations in occupied valley criticized

Zubair Qureshi

Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has dismissed the idea that there is need to reassess the ground realities for a fresh and a comprehensive Kashmir policy with a focus on sensitizing the world about human rights violations and the right of self determination aspects of the issue. He expressed these view while addressing the international seminar on Kashmir organized by Young Parliamentarian Forum in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services on Friday.
Chairman Senate said that we have failed to sensitize the world about the real struggled of the Kashmiris as at present as this issue is being considered as a dispute between India and Pakistan without presenting a real picture of the movement.
United Nations has become redundant institution which only listens to the tunes of Western and American imperialism. Whereas the world community have become a silent spectator to the atrocities and human rights violations in the Indian held Kashmir, he said.
He said rape has become a weapon of war. Hundreds of Kashmiris have lost their eyesight due to use of pellet guns and there is a silence of graveyard in the west.
Raza Rabbani said that the keepers of the conscience of the world who talk about human and fundamental rights and teach us what democracy is and what the right to self determination means, remain silent spectators as the people of Kashmir continue to anguish, oppressed and suppressed by the Indian occupied forces. But this is not a new.
Western history is replete that where it suites western strategic interests a minor act of violence and violation of fundamental rights is taken care but where it does not suits their interests like Kashmir, the heaven may fall but they would be in silence of graveyard. These are contradictions which have been coming on since 1947. The world has remained salient spectator to the violence in Indian held Kashmir by the occupied forces. In 1947 India took over the princely states of Hyderabad and Jonagarh on the basis that these were the Hindu majority areas and have a geographical connectivity with India but in the case of Kashmir of which majority population was Muslim and the ruler was Hindu, the same principle did not apply.
Senate Chairman said that UN only take interest in issues of those countries which contribute in the funding and ensure implementation on the resolutions related to them like in the case of Iraq and nothing is done on the issues like Kashmir. He said that we don’t have respect and need of the institution which cannot take care of our interest.
He said that the same is the case as far as the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) is concerned. He said that Pakistan has always been on the forefront at risk of its security to support the Islamic countries whenever some issue arises there but the most of the Islamic countries focus on their bilateral relations with India when we need their support on Kashmir issue. He said that we should be true to our case and look into the ground realities while formulating the new Kashmir policy.
Chairman Senate suggested that the Parliament should take a lead in highlighting the Kashmir cause and sensitize the world though a proactive outreach. The Speaker National Assembly and Chairman Senate would highlight the issue with their counterparts in different countries, the Human Right Committee of both the Houses should take up the issue with the respective Committees of the Parliaments in the world and same should be the case for Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament to sensitize the world about the violation of human rights and the right of self determination of the Kashmiries. He observed that at present the Kashmir Committee comprises of only the members of National Assembly and suggested that for making a true Committee of the Parliament, the Committee should have the representation from Senate as well.

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