No need of election

After holding so many elections in this Land of the Pure, this scribe has come to the conclusion that there is no utility of holding a general election. The honourable Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan is requested not to waste money of rupees 20 billion on holding the election 2018 because this money can be utilised for the construction of girls schools/colleges in the rural areas of Pakistan
It is also proposed to the CEC that instead of holding a general election, a draw must be conducted to choose a political party which should be given the mandate to run the country for the next term. Perhaps, the Almighty may help us this time if we hold a draw instead of holding an election. If such a procedure to elect any political party for the next term is adopted, it is expected that some positive change and improvement of the working systems of political party will be surely observed and a good governance will be developed in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is hoped that the honourable Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan will give some weight to this proposal and accept this justified procedure to elect political party for the next term.

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