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No military solution to Afghan issue

FOREIGN Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal on Saturday said that Pakistan believes in peaceful and negotiated settlement as the only way forward for Afghanistan. He took to Twitter to quote Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi that Pakistan wants to see a peaceful solution of conflicts within Afghanistan. He said there was no military solution, all parties should fully commit to the peace process adding that Pakistan strongly supported all efforts for peace, with the participation of all Afghans.
The reiteration of the long-held position of the country was done at a time when Pakistan has decided to stay away from the next round of Doha talks between the United States and Taliban. Though no explanation was given as to why Pakistan would not participate in the process but there are speculations that the decision was made after hostile remarks of the US special representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad. It is regrettable that despite highly cooperative attitude of Pakistan, which delivered Taliban at the negotiating table at the instance of the United States and Kabul Government, repeated efforts are made to cast dark shadows on Pakistan’s role in Afghan conflict. Unlike the United States and Afghan Government that previously laid more emphasis on use of military force than political dialogue, Pakistan always advocated for a negotiated settlement of the long-drawn conflict. The Taliban are directly speaking to the United States and have refused to have any talks with the Afghan Government terming it as Western appointed puppet regime.
As for Pakistan, it has maintained all along that it was ready to facilitate an intra-Afghan dialogue for the sake of restoration of much-needed peace in the war torn country and stability of the region. Pakistan’s stand is quite understandable because it was most affected by unending war in Afghanistan. As conflicting interests have started playing their own games, which may pose threats to peace in Afghanistan, it was advisable for the United States and Taliban to come to some understanding on fast track basis to frustrate designs of anti-peace forces.