No Indian role in Afghanistan

THOUGH India has rejected the proposition for deployment of its troops in Afghanistan as part of the new US strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia but the United States is insisting on a bigger role for New Delhi in that country. This is despite the fact that Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, during his recent visit to the United States, categorically stated that any political or military role for India in Afghanistan would be unacceptable to Pakistan.
Despite serious reservations and apprehensions of Pakistan, the United States is continuing with its policy of providing more space to New Delhi in Afghanistan to the disadvantage of Islamabad. India already has military presence in Afghanistan as its personnel are training Afghan troops and there are also reports of their anti-Pakistan collusion. Pakistan has also been complaining that the Indian secret agency RAW is partnering with Afghan security institutions to fund and plot terrorist attacks against Pakistan through fugitive anti-state militants. As India is already effectively using Afghan soil against Pakistan it finds no worthwhile benefit to deploy its troops in a war torn country where they would become easy target of militant groups. According to Happymon Jacob, a Professor of Disarmament Studies at Delhi-based Jawaharlal Nehru University, the deployment of troops by foreign powers in Afghanistan has led to disastrous consequences. It is a historical fact and India understands it very well. Indian presence in Afghanistan has done no good to Afghanistan except to complicate the situation further and destabilise the entire region. India is spoiling all endeavours aimed at peaceful resolution of the conflict by sponsoring and harbouring anti-Pakistan terrorist groups, enjoying safe havens in Afghanistan. There were reports of a thaw in Pakistan-US relations during Abbasi-Pence meeting following a period of bitterness caused by Trump’s new policy but Mattis’ New Delhi visit and his deliberations with Indian leaders indicate Washington is in no mood to listen to genuine grievances of Pakistan. We would urge Pakistani leadership to place this issue on top of the agenda of talks during forthcoming visit of an American delegation to Pakistan. How can the United Stated enlist support and cooperation of Pakistan while using India for pressurising Pakistan both from the East and the West?

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