No housing society inaugurated for government employees in 5 years

The Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) has completely failed to inaugurate any housing society for the federal government employees’ during the last five years.
The foundation is currently working on the projects including Housing Scheme Phase-VI, (Bara Kahu), Housing Scheme Phase-VI, (F-14/F-15), Housing Scheme Phase-VIII (Thallian), Housing Scheme Phase-IX (EHFPRO) and Housing Scheme Phase-X (Park Road) but these projects have not yet been completed despite work being done from many years.
The mandate of FGEHF is to provide shelter to the homeless federal government employees and other specified groups on No Profit No Loss basis.
The first project was to develop Sector F-14, F-15, allotments were made, the award for development of the project was given to FWO and most of the land was transferred from the locals to the foundation.
However, the project was working smoothly but due to the interference of Islamabad High Court the allotment in Sector F-14 was cancelled and the foundation went into intra court appeal where the hearings are ongoing.
Another project of the foundation was in Housing Scheme Phase-VIII (Thallian), a joint venture with the private sector. It is pertinent to mention here that in federal government only FGEHF has the mandate to enter into joint ventures with the private sector. Again the Public Accounts Committee took notice and halted the project. That project had main access from motorway but due to failure to pay for land acquisition, the project is at standstill.—APP

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