No horse-trading

Periodic election to the Senate is scheduled to be held on 3 March 2018 when MNAs and MPAs will exercise their right to elect new or retaining the outgoing Senators.
It is quite alarming as well as shameful that voices of horse trading are being aired by those who have immense wealth and they are trying to buy themselves a seat in the Senate irrespective of any representation whatsoever in the national and provincial legislatures.
It is commendable that Prime Minister Abbasi has once again deplored ongoing horse trading in the Senate election and asked the ECP to look into the attempts being made by the wealthy people to buy themselves a seat in the Senate through satanic use of their massive wealth.
According to media, the PM has indicated at boycotting those Senators who are elected by purchasing votes and categorically stated that the ruling party is neither involved in any such act nor it supports the menace of horse trading, without naming any particular party he has asked how a party with not a single MPA in the province is talking about getting its nominated people elected to the Senate, those elected as the Senator through misuse and abuse of their massive wealth cannot and should not be allowed to represent the people.
It is good to note that the PM is voicing his concern about horse trading in the Senate election but he should pinpoint the elements about whom he has the proper information who are indulging in such evil business so that the people at large detest and condemn these horse trading elements.

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