‘No first use of nukes’ declaration by India means nothing: FO


Pak serious candidate for NSG membership

Zahid Chaudhary

islamabad—Reacting to the Indian statement about no first use of nuclear weapons, Pakistan said it believes the ambiguous No First Use Declaration is not verifiable and amounts to nothing.
“It can’t be a substitute for verifiable arms control and restraint measures proposed by Pakistan’s standing offer of Strategic Restraint Regime,” said Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zakariya at weekly news briefing here on Friday.
The spokesman said such a statement by Defence Minister of a country that repeatedly and constantly heightens tension and with aggressive posture should be a matter of concern not just for countries of the region but also a threat to global peace and security.
He said signing of nuclear deals by some countries is a matter of concern as it is only reinforcing arrogance and belligerence with which India conducts itself in the region and beyond.
The spokesperson said Pakistan has established itself as a serious candidate for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group adding this is result of active diplomacy by Pakistan.
He said increasing number of countries are following non-discriminatory approach and avoiding any formula to favour a specific country. There is also growing recognition of the fact that 2008 exemption to India neither benefited non-proliferation regime nor objective of strategic stability in South Asia.
The spokesman expressed the confidence that members of the NSG would bear in mind the need to prevent further erosion of non-proliferation regime and preserving credibility of the NSG as a rule-based organization.
He said Pakistan has expressed its openness to measures for strengthening non-proliferation objectives to the NSG. This includes proposal for binding bilateral agreement with India on non-testing.
Responding to questions, the spokesman said Pakistan is very actively and forcefully taking up on every occasion and every forum the issue of grave human rights violation by Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir and the need for resolution of the longstanding conflict. He said India is heightening tension on Line of Control and the Working Boundary to hide its crimes against humanity in Occupied Kashmir.
To another question, he said dates for visit of Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah’s visit to Pakistan are being worked out.

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