No compromise on Shakil Afridi

THE US State Department has confirmed that issue of detained Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative Dr Shakil Afridi has been raised with Pakistani leadership. State Department was asked to comment on reports in local media that an influential congressional delegation led by Senator John McCain, Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee negotiated the release of Dr Afridi during their talks with Pakistani leadership.
Afridi was sentenced through a normal judicial process for working for CIA and against the interests of the country. The United States should have respected the judicial process as it claims to be upholder of rule of law and principles but unfortunately in this case Washington has all along been pressing Pakistan to release him. If the United States is unable to release Dr Aafia, who is innocent and has no concrete evidence against her, how the US expects Pakistan to ignore its judicial system and release Afridi under political pressure and blackmail. The very fact that the United States is going out of the way to seek release of a criminal is a clear proof that Afridi was an American spy and worked against interests of Pakistan. Under these circumstances, no Pakistan government or authority can or should make a decision to please Washington. However, keeping in view what happened in the case of Raymond Davis, a killer, who was taken out of the country in a questionable manner, details of which have now surfaced, it is hard to imagine that Pakistani authorities would bear the pressure for the sake of national interests. Any compromise on the issue would be opposed tooth and nail by all Pakistanis.

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