Nisar’s forceful articulation

REGARDLESS of what his political opponents say about Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan but he really is a man of eloquence who calls spade a spade, no matter who is in front of him. During his visit to Britain and talks with the top leadership there including British Prime Minister Theresa May, he maintained this posture and without mincing any words explicitly articulated Pakistan’s point of view over continued Indian belligerence on Kashmir dispute — resolution of which is undoubtedly imperative for peace and stability in volatile South Asian region.
Any historic scrutiny into origin of Kashmir conflict leads to culpability of the British Crown representatives in India. In this context heavy responsibility lies with the UK, being permanent member of the UNSC, to be more forthcoming and play a more constructive role for settlement of this unfinished agenda of the partition. We believe that along with some other influential countries, Britain can play the role of a mediator between Islamabad and New Delhi for resolution of all outstanding disputes including the core dispute of Kashmir where lately Indian troops have unleashed an unprecedented wave of terror against defenceless Kashmiris. Using the opportunity of talks with British PM and Security Adviser, Ch Nisar Ali Khan did the right thing to expose extremist and violent posture of India. As Modi does not miss any opportunity to baselessly malign Pakistan at international level, we understand Pakistan should pursue aggressive diplomatic policy based on real facts and figures to unmask the true face of India. We are hopeful that British side would give due importance to the concerns of Ch Nisar and use its influence to persuade India to reduce current tension. Major world capitals should understand that LoC peace is of vital importance for Pakistan to take the war on terror to logical conclusion.

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