Nisar rules out confrontation between govt, judiciary

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Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar on Saturday ruled out any possibility of a confrontation between the government and the judiciary.
The minister said in a statement that expressing regret over remarks by one of the honorable judges doesn’t imply invoking confrontation.
“Self proclaimed guardians of judiciary has forgotten that how the state institutions were humiliated in their tenure,” he said without naming anyone.
He maintained that there was no situation of confrontation between the two institutions of state, adding that someone had made a failed attempt of framing the difference of opinion as conflict.
Expressing his opinion on the matter, Nisar said certain elements in the country were trying to spread disorder and conflicts. He criticised such people for playing up the misunderstandings involving state institutions and the government.
He claimed such elements only wanted to score points for political gains, stressing they are the same people who threw inks on judges previously to stop them from making important verdicts. “Such people only admit court orders that are in their favour”, he added.
He blamed certain people of creating discrimination in the apex court between Punjabi and non-Punjabi groups, mentioning the contempt of court committed by several leaders assuming public offices and insulting state institutions in the past.
The Interior Minister went on to recall the 2013 elections and affirmed certain people blamed Pakistan Army for rigging and no action was taken against them by their own parties. He claimed the same people who accused the army of rigging now serve as party spokespersons.

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