Nisar Khuhro contracted ‘verbal’ marriage with third wife

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Former Sindh Assembly speaker Nisar Khuhro contracted only a “verbal” marriage — his third — in 2007, Khuhro’s lawyer informed the Supreme Court on Wednesday.
A two-member bench of the SC, headed by the chief justice, was hearing the former PPP lawmaker’s appeal against his disqualification.Khuhro’s lawyer Farooq H. Naek claimed that Khuhro married his third wife in 2007 verbally and divorced her in 2017 — again verbally.
The CJP told Naek that the law has no place for any such verbal dealings and it is necessary to legally register a marriage. He further questioned Naek on whether Khuhro had sought permission from his first wife before marrying the third, noting that the former lawmaker could be facing another legal case if he hadn’t.
Naek informed the court that Khuhro, who had been disqualified by an election tribunal, has also been accused of concealing a daughter.
“I don’t think that a person will not accept his daughter in court,” the CJP remarked, asking whether Khuhro was present in court. To this, Naek replied that he wasn’t present but his former wife had submitted an affidavit in court.The CJP, citing a previous ruling of the apex court, said there was no legal standing of a verbal marriage and asked for authentic legal evidence to be brought to court for further investigation.

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