Nisar: Govt neither angry nor scared of NAB


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Islamabad—Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday offered the opposition parties to give them a briefing on all the mega scandals and advised Sindh government to move courts in case of any reservations.
Addressing a press conference here, Chaudhry Nisar said that the government wasn’t afraid or annoyed with the National Accountability Bureau. He added that NAB had been established by former President Pervez Musharraf against Pakistan Muslim League–N and the party remained a victim of NAB for 13 years.
“Two of the biggest enemies of PML-N ruled the country for 13 years but they couldn’t bring anything forward against us. Why would we be afraid now?
He said the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement never meant to clip NAB’s wings. His statement was in context of the concerns shared by businessmen about NAB troubling them”, said Nisar. Chaudhry Nisar said the government has no plan to clip the powers of National Accountability Bureau, adding that there was need to support the anti-graft body under the present circumstances.
Chaudhry Nisar said the Prime Minister had advised NAB not to harass investors and businessmen, who had complained to him about the intimidation by the NAB.
He said some prominent businessmen had called on the PM, telling him that NAB was harassing them and treating them in an unjust manner. The prime minister’s statement must be viewed in this context, he added.
The Interior Minister said that Chairman NAB was appointed through a consensus between the government and opposition.
Nisar said that billions of rupees were plundered in the mega scandals and political people were involved in them. He said that these cases were so serious that not pursuing them would have been a crime of national level. “If Pakistan People’s Party has any misunderstanding about the mega scandals then I am ready to give a briefing to all the institutions concerned and even for judicial scrutiny”, he said.
Nisar said those who criticize the incumbent government should first take into account the performance of their previous government’s five years in power.
“In their rule, one scandal emerged after another while billions of rupees from the country’s wealth were plundered without any remorse,” he said. He said the government never asked the FIA to either arrest or release anyone.
The Interior Minister said that there was no political intervention at any level in Federal Investigation Agency and that the institution was investigating many of the mega scandals. He said that Pakistan was a democracy and there were proper running courts here. “I have presented my two and half year performance for judicial scrutiny. If Sindh government has any reservations about any of the actions by NAB and FIA, then they may move courts too”, said Nisar.
“My offer in not conditional to former President Asif Ali Zardari’s return. Whether he comes back or not, if the PPP is ready for a judicial commission then the government would be ready for it too. We are ready to form a commission of judges agreed upon by all the opposition parties”, he added.
Talking about Pathankot attack, the PML-N stalwart said that some arrests have been made in the case but it wasn’t necessary to make clear announcements about them. “It is a highly sensitive issue. Media should avoid from speculating”, said the minister. He assured that all the decisions will be made in accordance with the law.
Nisar added that a letter has been written to Indian government for sending an investigation team there and Indian has responded saying that they will inform us five days prior to the arrival. “Our investigation team will reach India within next few days”, he said. He told that India shared a few telephone numbers with the government about Pathankot incident and they have been added to the FIR.
“[The] FIA’s anti-corruption recoveries reached Rs1 billion in 2013 during our rule, when it was only in millions previously,” he said, adding that it showed how the PML-N government had strengthened the federal agency while keeping it devoid of interference. Nisar said he and his party were ready to face any court trial if any one thought the ruling party had committed mistakes vis-à-vis the FIA, NAB.

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