Nisar assures safety of investment on One-Constitution Avenue


Staff Reporter

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has assured the investors and purchasers of flats in One-Constitution Avenue that their investment was safe and secure.
In a statement on Saturday, he said that he had consulted over the issue and after receiving detailed judgment of the Court in this case, he would constitute a committee for working out a mechanism of payback in consultation and consent of purchasers/allotees of flats.
The Interior Minister observed that unprecedented irregularities took place in the approval, construction and allotment process of the One-Constitution Avenue.
The Minister said that he, on behalf of the government, assured the investors of security of their investment. Besides, he wishes to remind that strict action would be taken against all those officials and government functionaries who connived during this massive irregularity, he added.
The Interior Minister further said that the building was worst example of connivance of public officials, government functionaries and private sector whereas its construction and unabated sale of flats was a security hazard for the federal capital.
Keeping in view all these things, the government would take decisions so that no rights are infringed upon and secondly, it could also be ensured that no one in future plays with the rules using his influence, money or his/her clout.
Nisar said for taking this landmark decision to its logical conclusion and all the efforts that were put in, it was important that the afectees were swiftly compensated, the connivers are dealt with according to the law and a mechanism is put in place to ensure that no one is able to misuse his authority in future.

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