Nisar advises Nawaz to avoid confrontation with judiciary, military

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Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar has said that the ruling party should not be in a state of confrontation with the military or the judiciary.
“Avoid confrontation is in the best interest of Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan Muslim League-N and the political process,” Nisar said while addressing a news conference on Saturday.
“I want to know what is the PML-N’s narrative,” he asked. “My stance is that we should not be engaged in a fight with the judiciary or the army.”
If any relief is going to come on the disqualification [of Nawaz Sharif] it is going to come from the Supreme Court, he added.
The former interior minister said that he had conveyed the same stance in the previous Cabinet and to the party’s central executive committee.
“Time has come for a elaborate discussion on several matters,” Nisar said and added, “I will soon reveal [information] on these matters.”
There should be no doubt that I’m a part of the PML-N, and I talk about any issues within the party. “I cannot make those matter public.”
The interior minister said there shouldn’t be criticism for the sake of criticism as this is causing country serious damage.
“Those who are trying to find a substitute for me in my own constituency will have themselves defeated,” Nisar said. “I laid the very foundation of PML-N in my constituency.”
Nisar, who had maintained close ties to the ruling party’s high command until his falling out last year, said that there should be no doubt about whether he is still a member of the PML-N.
Asked whether he would contest the upcoming general elections on a PML-N ticket or not, Nisar said this would become clear by May.
The ex-interior minister said he had been “handling matters” developing over the past few months and had decided to stay away from the new cabinet.
“The time has come to explain many things, and you won’t have to wait much longer on this,” he told reporters.
“My stance is that we should compete with our political opponents, not fight with the institutions,” he said, adding that this would be beneficial for Sharif as well as the party.

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