New Wage Board award

MINISTER of State for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb Wednesday handed over the notification of 8th Wage Board award to the elected representatives of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists and the National Press Club. It indeed was the long-standing demand of the working journalists who were waging a struggle for the last one and a half decade to have new wage board award announced, and credit definitely goes to the Minister of State and other officials of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting who personally took interest in the matter and get the wage board award constituted in a matter of few days after consultations with owners of the media houses.
However, mere announcement of the wage board award will not address the economic woes of the working journalists, as its implementation in toto is required to achieve the desired objectives. In the past also we have seen announcements made with regard to the wage board awards but their recommendations were never implemented in letter and in spirit much to the disappointment of the journalists. It is time that the government sets an example for others by first implementing the recommendations of the new wage board award in the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) whose employees indeed over the years have been denied their due rights merely because of induction of innumerable number of political appointees in the Corporation. Then it is also important the new wage board award realistically fixes the rates of salaries of newspaper employees keeping in view the financial position of every Paper as the income of every newspaper varies. The media groups owning both newspaper and television channels indeed are in a position to pay good salaries to their employees but the same cannot be said about those confined to publication of papers only. Anyway efforts for addressing economic woes of working journalists and providing them an enabling environment to discharge their duties must continue as it is vital to establish and maintain good standards in the field of journalism.

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