New social contract for Pakistanis..!

Nayyaruddin Ahmad

What India achieved (after permission from Gen. PM allowed) with the sealing of Kashmir LOC & WB with a four layer fence system that it will get from its plans of sealing the entire International boundary with Pakistan by the year 2018? My objection to the Indian fencing of the borders with Pakistan is that (despite such a fortified fencing already in place) after every incident in the IHC, Indians claim that Pakistani infiltrators were responsible.
In any case, for the Indians, Pakistan was responsible for the PK airbase attack, although, their DG BSF stated that there was NO breach in the border fencing. India is still not absolving Pak from the responsibility of the PK airbase attack, despite the findings of their DIA that NO Pak govt agency was involved in that incident. According to the Indians, Pakistan was also responsible for the boat burning on 1st Jan 2015, despite DG coast guard saying that it was blown up by their on people in an exercise. So, the fencing of border will not give Pakistan any respite, till such time, the Indians are fond of false flag attacks, and now they have gone a step further, by claiming a fake SS on Pakistan.
Actually, the Indians will never ever, let Pakistan live in peace, till such time they are paid back in the same coins, for which Pakistan needs a selfless leadership to build unity; and set our own house in order. Internal peace and harmony is not only of paramount but utmost importance. The guarantee of security of any nuclear or non-nuclear state is NOT its armed forces or bigger stocks of its nuclear arsenal, but its internal unity. Just look that we have even failed to be united on the routes issue of CPEC? What we have to and we must do, is to first determine the national interest; and then keep it supreme, over all other considerations. In my opinion now a time has come for taking the following decisions immediately:
To create easily governable administrative units or provinces. In this regard, there should be no discrimination or injustice with any province and ethnic or linguistic group; and each division of the country repeat each division, should be converted into a province, which may for political reasons be given the name of an administrative unit etc. Moreover, in order to remove any semblance of ethnicity or linguistic bias, these provinces/administrative units should be named like the NA seats; and mentioned as PK1, PK2, PK3 and so on.
No need to panic in creating about three plus dozen provinces in Pakistan. Turkey has 81 provinces and same is the case with Iran, Afghanistan, China, India and Thailand etc. This will also work as a panacea (an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties), for the eradication of linguistic, sectarian and any other types of frictions and doubts, about the hegemony of one class of the people, over the other. In fact, it will work wonders in the speedy development and unity of Pakistan; and kill instantly, any secessionist, linguistic, or sectarian activities, currently prevailing in some parts of the country.
Moreover, the current election system is so flawed that any Tom, Dick and Harry can easily manipulate it to defeat the basic purpose of the democracy. Just imagine in the current system, one can easily get elected by getting even less than 10% of the total registered voters. So, if the basic electoral process is retarded, how can it give birth to genuine representatives of the authentic democracy? Changes must be also be made in our constitution, to make it a presidential form of a democratic set up, where the whole country directly votes for the president.
However, before voting, the candidates of all political parties for the presidential post, must notify (in advance) a list of their MPAs, MNAs and Senators, who will be automatically considered elected, according to the percentage of votes cast, in favour of all the candidates, for the top post of the country. To some extent, the current system of reserve seats for ladies and minorities, is similar to the above proposed system of advance nomination of Parliament members before the election of the president. This change of electoral system will greatly facilitate participation of expatriate Pakistanis and also allow local Pakistanis to vote for the president at any polling station of the country, consequently, increasing the overall voters turn out. The decision for Pakistan’s charter of development for building dams and mega projects like CPEC etc., for the next 50 years should also be finalised, on which, later on, no politics should be allowed, for any political party. In other words, all the registered political parties must decide now, where they would like to see Pakistan, in each and every field of the life, after 50 years. This plan should be further divided into ten five year plans. The prime objective of our internal unity and cohesion can only be achieved by drawing a new social contract for over 95% of population, as current system is only serving less than 5% of the Pakistanis.
The new social contract should be evolved after a thorough debate between all the stake holders. It’s conceptual framework could be a reference to various systems around the globe. The sooner we will do these fundamental reforms, the better it will be for Pakistan. Only then we will realise that handling Indian conspiracies was not that much difficult and problematic.
So, my dear countrymen, if you agree for the need of a new social contract for Pakistan, I will request our intellectuals, political parties, think tanks, universities, media and all other forums to please build up a consensus; and forward blue prints of their proposals to all the concerned who are at the helm of affairs in the country, like President, PM, Parliament and lawyers etc., and also publish in the Urdu, English and regional language newspapers, for starting a productive debate on this national unity project.
— The writer is political and strategic analyst based in Lahore.

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