New nomination papers

Changing laws and making them more favourable for its own members is a common practice at the end of the tenure of every government in Pakistan. Among other one of such changes has to do with the nomination papers prepared by parliamentarians themselves. They tried to restrict Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), an act which has been nullified now by Lahore High Court (LHC).
Every citizen has right to know everything about politicians. This statement is not only accepted but also implemented in letter and in spirit all around the world especially in the developed countries. It is being followed in the developing countries too. For instance, in India, it is election commission that decides everything including the content of nomination papers of the candidates so that everything could be known to the masses.
Unfortunately, this is not the case in Pakistan. Parliament in the wake of being authoritative tried to subjugate the people’s right to know. This right of knowing everything about the ‘to be-elected politicians’ was sabotaged by the parliamentarians when they utterly changed the shape of the nomination papers. The crucial points, including source of income, nationality, asset, criminal record and you name it, were removed from the nomination papers.
The response of PPP was no less than a shock. The party, which claims to be a savoir of democracy, is more tended toward keeping the nation unconscious of the character of its representatives. If Parliament is to perform and decide the future of every matter, there is no need to have these state-run institutions. Let Parliament be all omnipotent. But then there will be no democracy, but a system having resemblance to monarchy or feudalism.

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