New govt with gigantic problems

New government has arrived with the slogan of change. We all are aware that Pakistan is in quagmire of corruption, severe economic crises, budget deficits. Increased number of unemployment, expanding youth budge, Illiteracy and lack of technical and vocational education. Now new government is all set to face these challenges. During this arduous journey, our new government must take following steps immediately: introduce strict tax reforms including in agriculture sector, next is to thwart corruption mechanism and measures like halting 5000 currency note must be initiated. Then human development must be the prime agenda with the 50% population under 30 years. Also introduce technical and vocational education and training centres to promote Pakistani labour in foreign market. Along with textile sector, small and medium enterprises sector must be given ample importance. Instead of producing low price raw material, government must work on high commercial value finished products. Revision of Foreign Policy must portray soft moderate and progressive image of Pakistan in the world and promote Pakistani culture, art and raw goods in the world.
We should not ignore the fact that Pakistan’s evolving democratic culture and electoral accountability led the country to attain very good platform where mass projects like Gwadar port, network of motorways and enough energy in national grid nearly provided it much needed infrastructure which jolted and halted its progress from decades. Now having all the grounds for take off, by rectifying the administration, jurisdiction and legislation we can become Asian tiger.

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