The new axis of evil

Rashid A Mughal

THE global political scene presently depicts gloom and doom. While thousands of people are being killed daily in the name of religion or freedom, big powers are involved in proxy wars in volatile regions of the world, using Muslims and their territories for controlling the Economic wealth, by creating divisions and fanning sectarian strifes and pitting Muslim against Muslim. Indeed it is a matter of not only deep sorrow and concern but is extremely alarming, particularly for the Muslim leaders — countries. The hatred for Muslims in the West is at all time high due to rise of Far-Right white supremacists and racists who are adding fuel to the fire. Thanks to Donald Trump and Co. His decision today for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and shifting the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in spite of warnings from all allies in Middle East and Europe, will have far-reaching disastrous consequences as far as the Palestinian peace process is concerned. The decision is bound to invite wrath of Arab countries in the ME in particular and other moderate European countries in general. Almost all will perceive it as an anti-Muslim and anti-Islam move.
There are frequent and often violent demonstrations by White supremacists in USA and Europe against Muslims, the latest ones in Poland, Germany, France, Greece and England. The question now arises as to why and who is responsible for this challenging state of affairs. One logical reason seems to be large scale Migration, predominantly from War-torn Muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia) and some other poor African countries. The people living in these countries are fleeing to escape death and destruction caused by proxy wars being fought on their soil by Big Powers. For the victims there is no way out except heading West where they see a ray of hope for them and their children for a peaceful and decent life. So if the number of migrants in Europe has swelled to millions, they should not be surprised as it is the reaction of the action they have taken in imposing wars on them.
US, presently, is the biggest exporter of arms to the entire world and with every new conflict, the orders for American arms skyrocket. After taking over as President, Trump’s first foreign visit was to Saudi Arabia to sign an agreement for supply of arms and ammunition worth $350 billion over the next ten years. They manoeuvred to convince Saudis to form an alliance with Israel, the arch enemy of Muslims, to counter the so-called Iranian threat to the Kingdom.
For years now, Israel has been massacring Muslims in Palestine, of course, with tacit approval of the “Big brother”, un-checked and with firm backing, both material and moral. No doubt the American economy is booming in the Trump era and their arms industry sales are all time high due to continuing conflicts, world wide. For years now America has been the number one supplier of the arms and ammunition, surpassing all other countries of the world. It has achieved this position by spilling the blood of millions of innocent Muslim men, women and children.
According to a study carried out by a group of analysts and scholars at the King’s College, London, “ US foreign policy is basically a policy of Carrot and Stick. It is based on the conventional approach of engagement with foreign states which has reflected the same characteristics as conventional International Relations (IR) theories. On the one hand this has reared its head in the form of the US increasing engagement with foreign states, with the intent of influencing the respective state(s) through dialogue, cooperation, and coordination, akin to the positive-sum Liberal IR school of thought. On the other hand, the US has also implemented the ‘sharper’ end of its foreign policy tool artillery, in the form of pressure, punishment, and isolation, more in line with the zero-sum Realist IR theory. This two-faced, almost contradictory foreign policy, in the sense that it adopts two opposing approaches, simultaneously, provided the spark for research activities”.
Critics from the left cite episodes that undercut leftist governments or showed support for Israel. Others cite human rights abuses and violations of international law. Critics have charged that the U.S. presidents have used democracy to justify military intervention abroad. Critics also point to declassified records which indicate that the CIA under Allen Dulles and the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover aggressively recruited more than 1,000 Nazis, including those responsible for war crimes, to use as spies and informants against the Soviet Union in the Cold War.
Pakistan currently is facing multiple challenges as a result of situation at its borders with Afghanistan and India-both being backed and supported by US. In spite of the fact that Pakistan has been fighting terrorism and insurgency ever since the Russians left the area and has lost thousands of Army Jawans and civilian population as a result of porous northern border and activities of terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and IS, both of which are the creation of US. Hillary Clinton, the presidential candidate who lost to Trump has admitted this fact in print and electronic media. Yet Pakistan is being constantly hammered by “Do more” rhetoric and threatened with sanctions and other arm twisting tools.
The strong political link between India, Israel and US along with Afghanistan presently poses a big threat to peace in South Asia in general but to Pakistan in particular. The fact that they formed an alliance for strategic cooperation to share intelligence and high-tech military hardware is worrying for Pakistan. It is no secret that India is an arch-enemy of Pakistan and wants to have an edge in Defence equipment over Pakistan. It is also no secret that all these countries are not happy about CPEC and Pakistan’s support to China for their One belt-One Road initiative. They have also not reconciled to the fact of Islamic Republic of Pakistan being a Nuclear State. Prudence demands that we should re-visit our foreign policy and align it, keeping in view the ground realities and our supreme national interest thereby protecting our sovereignty and our country.
— The writer is former DG (Emigration) and consultant ILO, IOM.

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