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Netanyahu’s re-election

THERE are now bleak chances of any peace process in the Middle East or any settlement between Israelis and Palestinians after the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu as the Israeli PM who has never shown any interest in peacemaking and also ahead of the vote, he had made it clear that he would annex all illegal Israeli settlements if he won a fifth term.
With the new coalition government in Israel likely to be even more right wing than the last, the regional experts themselves are fearing that it will lead to tougher restrictions on Palestinian daily life and a more rapid annexation of the occupied West Bank. The 2019 election campaign was riddled with anti-Palestinian racism as Israeli political discourse shifted further rightwards. On Election Day itself, 1,200 activists from Netanyahu’s Likud Party were provided body cameras and sent to voting centres in predominately Palestinian neighbourhoods, seemingly in an attempt to intimidate voters there. As far as Israeli government is concerned, there is no end in sight for the 52-year-old occupation of the Palestinian territories and we have no doubt in saying that they would not even talk about a two-state solution and certainly not a Palestinian State. Netanyahu’s renewed mandate will allow him to continue his policies of apartheid, colonization and racism. We saw this with the language he has used and the steps he has taken to remove Palestinian identity. Because of its controversial steps, the US has already lost the status of a mediator in the Middle East Peace Process and it is now time that other major capitals including those from the Muslim world come forward and play their role in bringing ease in the life of Palestinians and restart the long stalled peace process.