NEPRA hand-in-glove with K-Electric to burden power consumers


Staff Reporter

Karachi—The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) seems to be hands in glove with the K-Electric, the company which had been constantly fleecing the consumers in Karachi, and has become on burden on them by constantly raising its tariff, whereas in the rest of the country, electricity charges are being reduced almost every month.
Karachi is the only city in Pakistan where people are forced to pay exorbitant rates for the energy they use from K-Electric, a company which is also accused of overcharging its consumers and sending them inflated bills.
But NEPRA instead of protecting the consumers’ interest, persistently had been favouring K-Electric, while in the Punjab, it feared reaction from the PML(N) government and has kept lowering the ener
NEPRA has approved increase in power tariff for Karachi under fuel charges adjustment for the month of July and August. The biggest surprise is that charges are being raised when oil prices world over are falling and have even forced Saudi Arabia and other countries to tigthen belts because of decreasing revenues. In Karachi, the case is reverse, People of Karachi have appealed to the prime minister to stop NEPRA from burdening them as he had done in the case of gas charges which he stopped despite recommendations from concerned authorities.

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