Nehal’s U-turn

IN a strange development, PML-N Senator Nehal Hashmi, whose leaked video generated a lot of controversy, appeared before the Chairman Senate on Tuesday in person and took back the resignation he had sent a few days back under instructions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The party, which had also suspended party membership of Hashmi, reacted sharply to the move and formed a disciplinary panel to launch probe against him.
The opposition has been alleging that Nehal Hashmi churned out bitter remarks against the judiciary over the issue of Panama Papers case and Joint Investigation Team (JIT) at the instance of party leadership but circumstances speak otherwise. Hashmi has inflicted more harm on his own party, government and the leadership than doing any service to them. The Prime Minister and his family was cooperating with the JIT, as they did during hearing of the case by a bench of the apex court and there was hardly any justification or need for them to make the process controversial and generate ill-will. That is why the Prime Minister moved quickly, suspended Nehal Hashmi party membership and made him to submit resignation in writing from the Senate seat. However, Hashmi, who brought embarrassment to the party and government by uttering extremist remarks against the judges, went against the interests of the party by retrieving his resignation, giving the opposition yet another excuse to lash out at government. There are also rumours that Nehal Hashmi might ‘reveal’ something else in coming days, which would create more problems for government. All this, together with deliberate release of picture of Hussain Nawaz sitting in the investigation room raises suspicion as to what is cooking up and why. Government need not react in panic and respond to the challenge in a cool-headed manner as people are politically mature enough to draw right conclusions. It is also responsibility of the Supreme Court bench, overseeing JIT investigation process, to take credible measures to make it transparent and non-controversial.

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