Negligence of CDA, MCI Capital in grip of severe water crisis

Due to negligence and lack of long and short term policies by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) the federal capital is in serve grip of water scarcity as water level in main reservoirs of city reached dead level.
Rawal Lake, one of the main sources of water in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad is almost dried up, lake can hardly meet the water needs of the residents for another fortnight while only 50 percent water is being provided to capital city from Simly dam.
Rawal lake is an artificial lake mainly built on Korang River with several small streams flowing from Margalla Hills also diverted in it to increase the water flow in the lake. The lake is spread over an area of approximately nine square kilometres.
Usually, the water level drops down in the lake in early summer. This time, however, the water level has fallen to an abnormal low.
An official from the Punjab Irrigation Department told “There is currently no serious threat to the water level at the lake. There is enough water for 90-days’ supply to Rawalpindi city,”
He said the upcoming monsoon rain would refill the lake soon. “The water cycle in this region ends in June and the monsoon begins in July,” the official said. “Currently the water level in Rawal Lake is 1,736.4ft, which is well above the dead level of 1,708ft.” Director Water Supply of CDA, Nasir Jamil But said present water level in Simly dam is 2248ft from main sea level which is almost near to dead level of 2233ft adding that due to low level only 50 percent water is being supplied to the resident from Simly dam.
He said CDA is providing only 26 million gallons per day from Simly dam while 8 million gallons from Khanpur dam.
He said Water Supply Directorate receives above 1000 complaints per day in which only 50 percent can hardly addressed through water tankers adding that Water Directorate has not sufficient funds to repair and maintain tankers. He told that only 21 tankers are in position to provide water to the whole city of the federal capital.—APP

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