Neglected tehsil

Dasht is a well-known and famous tehsil of district Kech that is located in the West of Turbat. It consists of many villages and present population is around 50000. Unfortunately people are deprived of fundamental facilities such as clean drinking water, education, health, roads and many others.
There are some schools, which are being run with the help of 2 or 3 teachers while some schools are without classrooms, where students are being taught in tents and students have to pay the rent. Moreover, in some villages there are hospitals but they are without doctors while some are without any medicines. Due to prevailing conditions patient are forced to visit hospital in Turbat, which is very expensive and time consuming.
And the roads are broken which makes travelling more hazardous for poor patients. Owing to poor road conditions, accidents are very common which further adds to people woes. So, it is my humble request to Government of Balochistan to address these issues at the earliest.
Dasht, Balochistan

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