Neglected Kashmir

Siraj Umrani
Turbat, Absor

The cry of Kashmir is heard abroad, but it could not reach to its own people because of the media’s negligence. 5 February is a day to express solidarity with people of Kashmir who are undergoing inhuman atrocities on which devil feels ashamed.
Their honour is being dragged on roads, neither men nor women, neither young nor old, neither child nor infant is spared from the atrocities of Indian army, but the media ranking is more important than them. For whom they are sacrificing, absolutely for the right of self-determination which is the fundamental right of every person. They are sacrificing for Pakistan. Why they are not getting the real honour that they should get? We all must play our role for Kashmir’s freedom and not to be confined only to the statements. If we ignore them, then how can we persuade other nations?

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