Neglected health sector

Sami Zafar

A few decades ago, the healthcare profession was considered as one of the noble professions in the world. In current circumstances of Pakistan, every profession became commercialized, even health care sector as well. We all know that the conditions of Government hospitals is really appalling, with the routine issues like unhygienic environment, unavailability of doctors, poor system of attending emergency cases of accidents and serious injuries.
If you don‘t have contacts or a person doesn’t have an arm-twisting capability, he stands nowhere in these hospitals. As a result, people don‘t have choice except to go in the private hospitals.
In private hospitals, we find proper infrastructure and proper health care facilities but they charge huge amount for the treatment. In private hospitals, doctors are just looting the poor patients by all means in the form of heavy consultancy fee, tests and medicines. This is because doctors have commission on every single test and the medicine purchases on different identified medical stores and pharmacies. The government should step forward to take immediate action and take note of the private hospitals running only on commercial lines.
The real remedy lies in accepting the Constitutional obligation that it is the responsility of the state to provide education and quality healthcare to the masses.

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