Neelum-Jhelum ready for generation

AT long last, the much delayed but strategically important 969 MW Neelum-Jhelum Hydel power project is ready to provide inexpensive and environment friendly electricity to the national grid. The first unit of the project is reportedly ready to start supplying 470 MW of electricity to the national grid by April 13 while other units of the project will also become operational in the next few months.
In fact in recent months, one has seen completion of much long delayed hydel projects including that of Golan Gol Hydel project in Chitral and credit for this definitely goes to the incumbent Chairman WAPDA Muzammil Hussain. Indeed the completion of these projects will further reduce dependence on expensive thermal power and help save foreign exchange amounting to millions of dollars. As regards Neelum-Jhelum project is concerned, it was started way back during the regime of Musharraf but due to sheer neglect of the successive government, with new deadlines coming every now and then for its completion. In fact one had lost the hope that this project will ever be completed. The present government and the Chairman WAPDA indeed deserves appreciation for injecting new life into this important project and it is the result of their untiring efforts that today the project stands ready for inauguration. This really is a milestone and we expect that WAPDA will continue its efforts to further exploit the hydel potential in Azad Kashmir for the benefit of entire country. In fact it is time to kick start work on much delayed Diamer Basha dam and its completion be made a priority given the water scarcity the country is facing today and sedimentation of Tarbela and Mangla dams. As the government is all set to announce the country’s first ever water policy, specific deadlines should be set in it for construction of Diamer Basha and other big dams. We will rather propose that the construction of dams should be put on the top list in terms of allocation of funds in the annual PSDPs till these get ready as after all it is a matter of overall economic well-being of the whole country

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