Needless confrontation

BITTERNESS in the atmosphere is quite visible in the backdrop of release of detailed judgement by the 5-member bench of the Supreme Court on review petition of Mian Nawaz Sharif. The court had, in its short order, dismissed the petition but the detailed verdict contained remarks that have agitated the minds of PML (N) leadership.
The reaction of PML (N) leaders to the observations and remarks in the judgement was somewhat harsh as they complained these were aimed at politically damaging Mian Nawaz Sharif. It is understood that the judiciary has to make judgements either way on the basis of available evidence and record as well as understanding of the case by the judge/judges concerned. Once a judgement is delivered it is open to scrutiny and this is healthy practice as a thorough debate crystallises things and mistakes, if any, can be rectified either during subsequent reviews or judgements in other similar cases. It is also a fact that judges are supposed to see things through the prism of law and the Constitution and not on any other yardstick, therefore, better avoid making remarks that could be construed as political or could provide benefit to one’s political rivals and that too during election year. We also believe that the PML (N) leadership should also shun the policy of confrontation, which is isolating it on the national political scene. The PML (N) reaction to the review judgement has widely been denounced by different political parties and there is also a growing view within the PML (N) itself that the existing policy needs to be reviewed and revised. There is already extreme sort of polarisation in politics, political parties have miserably failed to forge consensus on holding of timely elections, apprehensions are there that elections might be delayed and something ominous could also happen if things were not handled wisely and in a visionary manner. The government has many other things to do than to indulge in confrontation, which is harming PML (N) more than benefiting it. We have been emphasising in these columns that the right approach would be to bring down tension and instead focus should be on completion of on-going projects for welfare of the people.

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