Need stressed for improving system of education

There is a need to make the required improvements in our system of education in order to help the country make headway in the comity of nations. This was stressed on the third day of the international Urdu conference being held at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.
There was a panel discussion on ‘our learning and teaching conditions’ and the sessions attended by Anwar Ahmed, Jafar Ahmed and Haroon Rasheed and chaired by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dr. Atta Ur Rahman and Dr. Pirzada Qasim. The educational system is like a pyramid and to reaching the highest level one has to pass the initial stages of the pyramid. For the top position of pyramid its basic should be based on the solid land, said by Dr. Ishrat Hussain, a former Governor of State Bank of Pakistan and educationalist.
He further said that our education needs a lot of improvement as there are many gaps and we have to develop bridges between them. One of essential parts is our educational board system which should be developed on standards of Aga Khan Board, he suggested. He opined that private education has better standard than govt educational system and more people are learning through private sector education but we should not avoid the part of GDP this is consumed on private sector education which is equal to the government budget. As a whole, we are consuming our 5% GDP on education.
Prof. Dr. Pirzada Qasim, a former vice-chancellor of Karachi University, said that in public sector recommendations are preferred rather than merit.‘I am the witness to many such conditions where the school was locked and children were wandering outside the school, there was no enrollment and teacher was getting pay for doing nothing’, he said adding that lower middle class and specifically poor has no concern with education and it is hard for any social worker to motivate them from attending any educational institute we are spoiling our generations.
These children can play a great part in the development of the country. Prof. Dr. Atta ur Rahman, a former federal minister and scientist, said that over 25 million people are not attending school or never reach to school currently.—APP

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