Need of the time

Nazia Sheraz Khan

Since Pakistan came into existence, we have made several policies, which were, of course, always fabulous, good and vibrant but when it comes to the implementation of these policies, the answer is always negative. There was no continuity as one government formulated a policy, next government, whether civilian or military, ploughed over that policy. I am much amused, what we did? Still what we are doing? Those nations who followed our plans in the late 1960s are now much more ahead of us.
However, now Almighty Allah has provided an opportunity to us in the shape of CPEC. We should take maximum benefits which the CPEC offers but at the same time its security is must because the enemy, which we all know, is bent to sabotage it. It is need of the time that our institutions concerned with security should look critically at the changing regional environment and thwart nefarious designs of the enemy(s), whether internal or external.
—Via email

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