Need for restraint in South China Sea

DESPITE China’s sincere and whole hearted efforts to settle the matter of South China sea through dialogue with neighbouring countries, it appears that the new US administration while taking forward anti-China policy is all set to make the disputed waterway a flashpoint — something that will not augur well for region and the world at large.
The US decision to send an aircraft carrier strike group for patrolling in the South China Sea, which actually started operations on Saturday, will take matters towards further escalation. Sensing the US move, the Chinese foreign ministry on Wednesday very aptly warned Washington against challenging its sovereignty. The Chinese side in fact has always shown intent to settle the matter with all direct and indirect parties in an environment of dialogue and in this regard also engaged positively with all the parties. Under the Obama administration, in fact both the sides had agreed to move away from tensions and turn a new page by pursuing the path of negotiations but ever since assumption of power, Donald Trump has taken a series of public swipes at China accusing it of manipulating its currency and constructing ‘a massive fortress’ in South China Sea. Such statements coming from the mouth of the US president against China are indeed threatening and against the spirit of cooperation and accommodation. Given the stature enjoyed by the US in comity of nations, it is incumbent upon the Trump administration to speak and act cautiously to avoid harming peace and stability of this part of the region. Treading the opposite course is not an option especially at a time when different regions of the world are already boiling. Locking of horns between two military powers will be a total disastrous for the whole world. It’s time for all sides to sit together and resolve the matter in an amicable manner.

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