NCHD plans to educate prisoners in jails: Razina

Staff Reporter

Islamabad—The National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) has planned to educate prisoners in the jails under a massive programme alongwith the skill development to make the prisoners useful citizens after their release from jails by completing their term, it was decided in the Senior Management Meeting of NCHD presided by chairperson Senator® Razina Alam Khan. The chairperson said that making convicts’ useful citizen and bringing them into the mainstream as respectable entities is the prime duty of the society and NCHD will not be failing in its duties.
She said that NCHD has already launched many successful programs of education and contributed to literate 3.84 million adults in its 164,190 adult literacy centers established since inception. Whereas, 5,949 feeder schools of Universal Primary Education are functional enrolling 392,869 children, in remote, rural and underprivileged areas of the country mainly to address the core issues of access to education and to meet Sustainable Development goal. Students of feeder schools are on the strength of nearby government schools and same curriculum of the government school is adopted.
The Chairperson expressed her concern over the fact that 57 Million people in the country are illiterate while 24 Million children never go to school. She further deplored that out of 26 Million children who are enrolled, only 33% reach the matriculation level. While discussing the grim educational statistic in Pakistan, Chairperson NCHD said the primary net enrollment is 72% out of which 33% are dropouts.
Besides its regular programs NCHD managed to have different educational/literacy and skill related projects through public-private schemes in collaboration with donors and provincial governments. These projects dealt with issues such as elimination of poverty, access to education, establishment of formal and non formal basic education institutions, setting up of IT Centers, data collection activities and setting up of Skill Development Centers.

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