Nawaz warns against poll engineering


Threatens to disclose plans behind scene

Zahid Chaudhary


Former Prime Minister and President of PML -N Nawaz Sharif has said that the country’s future is linked to holding impartial and transparent elections and the tradition of engineering polls must come to an end.
Addressing a press conference at Punjab House here on Wednesday, he regretted that results of all previous elections in the country’s history had not been accepted that also led to fall of Dhaka tragedy in 1971.
Nawaz Sharif stated in categorical terms that he will present all evidence and proofs if ‘they’ did not stop the conspiracies.
The former Prime Minister said it is the year of elections and expressed the confidence that the prudent people of the country will give a clear decision for continuation of current path of progress and development. He pointed out that recent surveys also indicate that the PML-N enjoys clear majority and that its vote bank is more than the cumulative votes of the entire opposition.
The former prime minister stated in categorical terms that the future of the country is linked with fair and transparent elections. He said every party should have complete independence and provided with equal opportunties to participate in the polls. He said the democracy should be allowed to function in its true shape. The sanctity of vote, he said, should be fully respected.
He warned against pushing political parties against the wall through unlawful verdicts and under the table deals, adding that democracy should be allowed to flourish in its original shape in the country.
“Plans of putting those without any proven record of public welfare and development, who depend upon politics of lies, allegations and sit-ins, who are already rejected by the masses, into power should not be made anymore,” said Sharif.
Describing US President Donald Trump’s tweet against Pakistan on the occasion of new year as non serious and regrettable, he said a head of state should respect diplomatic norms while dealing with other states. Nawaz Sharif, said that Pakistan has paid a heavy price in the wake of 9/11 incident. Over the last seventeen years, it has suffered the most human and material losses when compared with any other country of the world in the war which was not basically ours.
The former Prime Minister recalled that soon after coming to power in 2013, the PML -N government expressed the determination to eradicate the menace of terrorism. As a result of Zarb-e-Azb operation, the back of terrorists have been broken. He said remnant elements will also be eliminated soon.
The former Prime Minister said that today a democratic government is working in the country which does not take into account threats or warnings. He said Pakistan should not be taunted for receiving aid as the coalition support fund is not an assistance. He said Pakistan does not require any aid but the US should also stop seeking cooperation from us.
Nawaz Sharif asked the incumbent prime minister to work out such a strategy making Pakistan self reliant so that nobody could raise fingers on the country’s self respect.

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