‘Nawaz utilizing country resources for personal gains’

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Finance Secretary and senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) Sindh Nusrat Wahid has arranged a dinner in which the member of National Assembly Arif Alvi, the General Secretary Sindh Iftikhar Soomro including members ie Dawan Sachal, Samia Saleem, Aneesa Waliullah, Seema Shaikh, Dargha Begum, Khawind Bux, Saima Nadeem, Sadia Agha, Erum Butt, Addl. Secretary Arsalan Agha, and others have participated.
At the moment MNA (PTI) Dr. Arif Alvi told that the accountability of Ali Baba and 40 Thefts is necessary. The real change will be made by Tehreek-e-Insaf, the job opportunities will be enhanced, Health and Education, and Police System will be revolutionary change. The Interior and Foreign policy will sufficiently made better. Get rid of the debt extract. The dignity of country will be raised.
The General Secretary of Sindh Iftikhar Soomro has addressed and told that the Nawaz Sharif will be disqualified in Panama Leak. So many differences are made in the address of head of the leader of Muslim League (N). The letter of Qatri Prince will became as a peace of paper. The country resources have been used for personal interests.
Due to wrong policy of Muslim League (N), the department of PIA and Steel Mill have been victims of corruption. The Kashmir Issue did not sensitized on international level. Nusrat Wahid has addressed and told that the public relationship campaign has been achieving positive results and a huge public is getting Sindh PTI membership.

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